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On Wasting Time - My lean analysis on the time I've wasted in 56 outpatient visits, 20 ER visits, and 9 hospitalizations spanning 54 days.


Stories from an impatient patient.


Perspectives from a former HHS Policy Wonk.



On Wasting My Time – The Numbers

If you’ve wondered why I’ve been under the radar lately, look no further than my odyssey of medical maladies; in addition to my ongoing struggle with POTS, this year I’ve...


How I learned to stop worrying (about my Klout score) and learned to love The Twitter

In honor of the HIT100, here’s a little bit on why I tweet, who I listen to, and how to jump into tweeting.


On Climbing Mountains

Last week my friend Biskin wrote a lovely piece on the death associated with illness which almost inspired me to read The Magic Mountain (had it been on Kindle I...


On Being Rare

In honor of Rare Disease Day I finally got up the gumption to reply to my primary care physician's observation that I'm rare.

I was warned.

On Central Lines

So this one time I had a PICC line. Then I got another PICC line. Then I got a Central Line. And a CLABSI.

Grow Baby, Grow!

So.. this one time I got a CLABSI…

My friends are awesome. Line infections, not so much.



My friends prove the heart of life is good.


On “On Internet Freedom”

A review of Marvin Ammori's On Internet Freedom

Half Sized Floors

My Intravenous Lecture

My Intravenous Lecture - and TedMed's great challenges.

Cover RockHealth

On Rock Health’s FDA 101

My take on Rock Health's FDA 101.