The Person

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  1. Anonymous says:
  2. You are one of my personal heroes!
  3. Elaine says:
    I am so happy to see all of your wonderful successes! This makes me hopeful for my son who had Autonaumic Disorder and POTS. His neurologist has told us it should subside at the end of puberty but he will be 18 in two weeks and things have gotten worse in the past six months not better. 🙁 I suffer from chronic pain myself and want nothing more than to have him healthy and pain free!
    • jessjacobs says:
      This make me happy! Your son is young and is definitely still possible for him to get better. Some research says if you have these issues over 5 years you won’t achieve remission another said 25 years old (I think). Even if his issues don’t go away he will find a way to overcome it. Wishing you all the best. <3.

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