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Summary of mHealth Federal Policies

mHIMSS '11-'12 Summaries of Federal mHealth Policies (FCC, FDC, ONC, CMS, FTC, OCR, NIST)


FDA Mobile Medical Apps Guidance

FDA Mobile Medical Apps Guidance



I spent my practicum at Georgetown working on a promotional plan for Text4baby. While I don't think they enacted my plan, my presentation was beautiful. I even bought a shirt...

Little red ribbons = totally awesome

Student mHealth Engagement

Today was a big first in my life - the very first time I presented at a conference! I totally sent my mom this picture... What was the presentation on?...

2009 Graduate Scholar (Second Runner Up)

Health IT and the Care Continuum: Engaged Exchange of Health Information

2011 NCHE Graduate Scholarship Essay

White House Chocolates!

White House Chocolates!!!

Helped out with some analysis that went to the White House so Wil brought me these --

Back Camera

Intern Sweatshop

It's cozy here. Basically, we win at life.

Obese Princesses

Stupid and Fat: Obesity, Health Comprehension, and Our National Image

Aristotle once said that “the guest is a better judge of the feast than the cook. (1)” Since his time social psychological research has shown that viewing oneself through another’s...


FDA Org Chart

My interpretation of the FDA. c. 2009. This was a group project that suggested the FDA give up regulating food. Presentation is and presentation background brief (cowritten with Anthony Hopper...

2009 Graduate Scholar (Second Runner Up)

Simplify the System

A piece on dealing with insurance which won me 2nd Runner-Up in the 2010 NCHE Scholarship Competition.