The Patient

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On the Worst Healthcare Experience of My Life

I've now spent two consecutive Memorial Day weekends at Hospital X with intractable vomiting. Last year I checked myself in. This year, I took the scenic route via three weeks of hard...


On Wasting My Time – The Numbers

If you've wondered why I've been under the radar lately, look no further than my odyssey of medical maladies; in addition to my ongoing struggle with POTS, this year I've...


On Climbing Mountains

Last week my friend Biskin wrote a lovely piece on the death associated with illness – She’s an expert on chronic illness, having had a medical mistake break her (physical)...


On Being Rare

In honor of Rare Disease Day I finally got up the gumption to reply to my primary care physician's observation that I'm rare.

I was warned.

On Central Lines

So this one time I had a PICC line. Then I got another PICC line. Then I got a Central Line. And a CLABSI.

Grow Baby, Grow!

So.. this one time I got a CLABSI…

My friends are awesome. Line infections, not so much.



My friends prove the heart of life is good.

Half Sized Floors

My Intravenous Lecture

My Intravenous Lecture - and TedMed's great challenges.

California loves me. And Oliver. Suzie, Havah, and Steph are the bestest friends ever.

Asking the Whys

Every so often you have a loop recorder put in your chest and they forget to take out your IV.

Portland Maine

The Records Dance

Adventures with HIPAA!