The Patient


Together, We’re Whole

My Walking Gallery Story.


Giants WIN the World Series!

San Francisco's been waiting for this moment for 50 years... Birthday Seats - the big 24 with dad! Praying on an Alter of Jesui for a win

Back Camera

On The “Rich Person” Hospital (it’s a winner)

I had been sick for about a week. My heart rate was high, my fever was up. I wasn't happy. So about 9 pm I called Phil and asked him to...


Equipment Failure

So it finally happened. I passed out at work. On my way back from a seminar in the Switzer building I passed out. When I came to, Farzad Mostashari was...


John Hopkins aka “The Cheesecake Factory’

So I came back from CA, got in my car and drove up to Hopkins. They didn't have anything new to tell me about my condition, BUT they did have...


The truth is… excuses are lame

I got this paper in on time. No excuses for this girl. Though, to start one IV, it required: To start 1 IV: - FIVE veins - 2 nurses -...

2009 Graduate Scholar (Second Runner Up)

Simplify the System

A piece on dealing with insurance which won me 2nd Runner-Up in the 2010 NCHE Scholarship Competition.

Hyphy Hearted.

Street Fights

I got in a fight with the street. The street won. After my run in I ended up with these bills from St. Lukes -- they were outside their contractual...


Hearts, Homelessness, and Hope

[[ No, it won't always go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good -- JM ]] Some amazing things have been happening. No, I...


How to be Pop-Teal’s Keeper

I feel the need to address some simple matters of safety. So it's not so much that you're doing it wrong, as, well, you're doing it wrong. Now don't get...