Broken Femur

As previously stated, holidays with me are never dull. New Years was no exception. It started off quietly enough- a lil church, a lil skiing, but all hell broke loose eleven hours and twenty three minutes into the new year. I was skiing along nicely when suddenly a snowboarder hit me. I tried to carve to the right but to no avail- I ran smack dab into the middle of a HUGE tree.

The Tree.


The Kid. His name is Sam, how ironic.


If I hadn’t been wearing my helmet I’d be dead, as my eye attests to, and as it turns out I comminuted my femur- that means it's broken in so many places they stop counting.

After the ski-patrol guy determined that I wasn’t faking the pain and couldn’t ski to the bottom of the hill they put me in a ‘scoop’ backboard which means that they assembled it around me in a snow bank since they couldn’t move my leg from its bent position. They had to pick me up three times, and let me tell you I screamed bloody murder each time. I finally got to the bottom of the hill where they cut off my five-day-old-686-snowboarding pants, gave me some morphine and straightened out my bent leg. Let me tell you, it is exactly like the movies-bone popping, screaming, and really hot ski patrollers 😉

My eye. Before it turned black.


Inside the snow-mo.

After enduring a hour ride to the nearest hospital, ten hours in ER, two catheters, ruination of my supergirl stuff, breakage of my camera, and really unresponsive nurses- they finally operated. 4 am and I had a brand-new-titanium-filled-femur.

Broken Femur

A lil break...

Rod and screws

My Butt. Well Thigh. But really close to my butt.

My Knee.

But my story isn’t over yet. According to my doctor breaking your femur is the most painful thing you can possibly do. Additionally, as each femur is responsible for 20% of the hemoglobin in your blood, I was in trouble. At least all those donations paid off. What didn’t pay off was the nursing staff in a small Podunk town- the nurse who gave me my transfusion had a MPH but didn’t wash his hands after touching blood and checked my pulse with his thumb. I thought he was going to kill me- which his counterparts had almost done by not reading my allergy bracelet making me swell up to Pumpkin Size

Looks like cool-aid!

A-. Thank you very much.

Thankfully he didn't kill me, and I finally got my fever down under 100 on Friday and got to go home. The only thing left is to finish up the anti-blood-clotting shots I have to give myself

A shot.


Oh, and if you ever end up in the hospital don’t eat the food- it’ll kill you.

The Food, Sam, Me, and a Black-Eye

I might not get to come back in the spring- how sad would that be? But at least I'll have company my sister's boyfriend just broke his femur today- six days after I broke mine- what are the odds? I really appreciate all the phone calls, comments, and cards- they make me feel super!