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On My Worst Healthcare Experience

[The] experience of complete powerlessness in the face of another’s pain is, bar none, the most profoundly heartbreaking experience of my life.

On Wasting My Time

My lean analysis on the time I've wasted in 56 outpatient visits, 20 ER visits, and 9 hospitalizations spanning 54 days.


Perspectives from a former HHS Policy Wonk.





Cover RockHealth

On Rock Health’s FDA 101

My take on Rock Health's FDA 101.


HIMSS 2013

Press | Acronyms Abound in mHealth Ecosystem | Eric Wicklund | March 5, 2013

Policy Continuum

Federal mHealth Policy 101

Access my HIMSS13 slides here!



Minute:By:Minute Recap of an Overnight Hospital Stay


Grey Twilight

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much,...

Health Data Managment Logo

Health Data Management

Press | HIMSS13: What You Need to Know About Federal Mobile Apps Regulation | January 15, 2013


Future Hospitals

On playing IFTF's Future Hospitals online game... in person.

California loves me. And Oliver. Suzie, Havah, and Steph are the bestest friends ever.

Asking the Whys

Every so often you have a loop recorder put in your chest and they forget to take out your IV.

Sanofi Logos


On Mentoring Sanofi's Collaborate|Activate Challenge.

Portland Maine

The Records Dance

Adventures with HIPAA!