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On My Worst Healthcare Experience

[The] experience of complete powerlessness in the face of another’s pain is, bar none, the most profoundly heartbreaking experience of my life.

On Wasting My Time

My lean analysis on the time I've wasted in 56 outpatient visits, 20 ER visits, and 9 hospitalizations spanning 54 days.


Perspectives from a former HHS Policy Wonk.






Together, We’re Whole

My Walking Gallery Story.


To Say Thanks

GU reflection (aka Puff Piece) on my time with Wil at ONC.

Meaningful Use – Stage Two

Meaningful Use – Stage Two

Summary of the Meaningful Use Stage Two NPRM


Summary of mHealth Federal Policies

mHIMSS '11-'12 Summaries of Federal mHealth Policies (FCC, FDC, ONC, CMS, FTC, OCR, NIST)


FDA Mobile Medical Apps Guidance

FDA Mobile Medical Apps Guidance



I spent my practicum at Georgetown working on a promotional plan for Text4baby. While I don't think they enacted my plan, my presentation was beautiful. I even bought a shirt...

Little red ribbons = totally awesome

Student mHealth Engagement

Today was a big first in my life - the very first time I presented at a conference! I totally sent my mom this picture... What was the presentation on?...

2009 Graduate Scholar (Second Runner Up)

Health IT and the Care Continuum: Engaged Exchange of Health Information

2011 NCHE Graduate Scholarship Essay

Aetna Avant-Garde.

2010 mHealth Summit

1/3 a box of my boss' girl scout cookies, 1 skyped meeting, 3 events, 5 shots of espresso, 26 hours, and 52 business cards later...


Giants WIN the World Series!

San Francisco's been waiting for this moment for 50 years... Birthday Seats - the big 24 with dad! Praying on an Alter of Jesui for a win